I'm not sorry I met you, I'm not sorry it's over...

...I'm not sorry there's nothing to say...

Carol... Ceej... CJ too...
17 November 1987
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I am constantly working on pressing forward with my life, trying to maintain some level of balance.
Aaron is my everything.
It's amazing to have some to hold my hand after being alone for so long.
I'm a mess of fucked up, and a little crazy.
Without my son, I would be lost.
The most important things in my life are those I love.
I would be nothing without music.
I look towards the future with hope that I'll be able to accomplish what I'm working for.
We never know when life will end, when things will change and our lives will be flipped upside down.
I'm living for today, planning for tomorrow, and hoping for the future.
For every bad thing we hear about, there are a dozen good things we'll never know of.
There is ugliness, in this world, and much of it.
But there is also beauty, and goodness, and love here as well.
My life is like the rain, even though it's sad, it's still so beautiful.

I have nothing but forgiveness in my heart for those who have wronged me.
I have nothing but compassion and understanding for those who are angry with me, and also beg your forgiveness of me.
I have very high hopes for my future, the desire and drive to obtain my goals, and the will to live.
I anticipate my death everyday, and live like it's my last in this life.
I want to live a good and honest life, but I also refuse to be demeaned, degraded or controlled.

I love my life, and am so, so thankful, to whomever or whatever it was that put me here.

Love and light to all.


PS-If you ever feel like having your ass handed to you in Halo: Reach, hit me up. My gamertag is ceejiesqueejie. I know, how original! ;)